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The 1910 Inn beckons visitors to its spacious wraparound porch

that follows the circular shape of the inn's front room.

Amidst potted plants and overlooking the vintage brick road, the veranda offers a light breeze.

veranda wedding ceiling

Take time to enjoy time in a rocking chair, reading a book,

visiting with friends, sipping a refreshing beverage,

listening to chiming church bells and singing birds,

or watching the happenings of delightfully quaint Tarpon Springs.

Enjoy time in a rocking chair at The 1910 Inn.

The beautifully restored historically-accurate veranda ceiling.

veranda tables and chairs photo by Rain

The 1910 Inn is lovely in its holiday decor.

"Light Always Overcomes Darkness"

By night, strings of cafe lights cast a warm, nostalgic glow upon the veranda and the side garden of

The 1910 Inn .

The veranda is joyous at Christmas.

Side Garden

Like life itself, the side garden at The 1910 Inn is 'work in progress'.

Come see the century-old cactus that rises as tall as the inn. Each of its periodic white blooms are as large as a dinner plate!

Multitudes of aloe and historical succulents abound through the garden. Fledgling herbs grow beneath the kitchen window.

Vintage bricks create a floor for the 'room that has no ceiling'.

Glossy purple wicker furniture borders the bricks, creating a haven to enjoy nature beneath the warm Florida sunshine. Wrought iron bedposts add a whimsical touch throughout the garden.

The peaceful side garden

The peaceful garden and century-old cactus

cactus in full bloom

The wrought-iron heart-shaped bench is a lovely photo setting for bridal couples.

garden Winter Day in Florida at The 1910 Inn

wedding bell pink ribbon

cactus view from above

Vintage wrought-iron headboards make a charming garden fence.

"Does the walker choose the path,

or the path the walker?"

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