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The Gazebo and The Lamb
The Gazebo and The Lamb
January 2015 Journal / The 1910 Inn
A Victorian Venue
April, May, June 2014
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An Industrious Summer

June and July 2013 Journal
Oh, how I love this ‘old house’!  What I really mean is that I love the people that arrive, the experiences that are shared, and the love that fills and surrounds this 103-year-old Grand Victorian Lady.
The summer months at The 1910 Inn have been busy and fun.
Renovations began on a few specific areas of the structure that have been in need of help for decades.  A new/old door will replace the old/old door at the inn’s veranda carport entrance. The door has been chosen and is being prepared for an August installation.

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Reviewed June 12, 2013

LOVE this place! It has recently been renovated to perfection. The owner, Annie, is sweet as pie, & so accommodating. I am a B & B aficionado, & have been to them all over the world, & this one is in the top 3. Adore the whole experience!
Room Tip: I stayed in Room 1- gorgeous!

May of Miraculous Blooms, Mia, Magister, and Maintenance

May 2013 Journal

An afternoon of still-warm-from-the-oven BAKLAVA shared with wonderful new friends!  That is one of the highlights of May at The 1910 Inn, in Tarpon Springs, Florida.  I reflect back at the end of each month and I am always in awe of the succession of wonderful guests who are drawn to the inn.  Really it seems odd to call them guests, because they begin to feel like family.  They are strangers to each other, but not for long.  They visit together in the rocking chairs on the front veranda, playing a game they invented: “Wave At The Passing Cars And See How Many Drivers Wave Back”.

Astonishing April

April 2013 Journal
The April weeks have been exciting and busy at The 1910 Inn in Tarpon Springs, Florida.  Remember the“March 2013 Journal” mentioned upcoming filming at the inn?   That is how April began.  Scenes and interviews for an upcoming episode of the CBS News show ’48 Hours’ were filmed at The 1910 Inn during the first week of April.  The producer, Peter Henderson, selected the inn due to the effects of lighting in the parlor, the entry hall, and the dining room.

A 'Joanna/Maria/Greek Orthodox Holy Week' Story

I cannot fully explain it…it beckons people who are MEANT to come to it.  It keeps happening, and each time it happens I know it is not a coincidence.
Initially this story will sound like I was meant to meet Joanna, but really the story goes much further than that.  It is like a ‘Twilight Zone’ story.  Joanna was meant to find Maria.
Here is what recently happened at The 1910 Inn in Tarpon Springs, Florida:

A Guest's Review Posted On Trip Advisor

“A wonderful stay at The 1910 Inn!”
Reviewed April 14, 2013NEWvia mobile
Spontaneously, we decided to take a weekend getaway to Tarpon Springs to shop for antiques and get our Greek food fix. We had stayed at this B&B many years ago, when it was called Spring Bayou Inn and under different ownership. When we stayed in the past, it was fine but I understand that the previous owner let things slide a bit and the reviews on Trip Advisor several years ago were not so good. The new owner, Miss Annie, purchased the Inn late last year and spent months sprucing it up before opening her doors again to guests in January 2013.

A 9/11 Love Story (being shared with permission)

Oh, such a sweet story shared at the breakfast table one morning by Kim and Billy, guests at The 1910 Inn in Tarpon Springs, Florida:
Thirty years ago Kim and Billy were in their early 20s and dated each other for awhile.  Billy worked as a fire fighter.  In time they went their separate ways.  (As Billy kept mentioning, "She's the only girl who ever dumped me."  And he would smile and chuckle at the phrase.)
Billy had always been best of friends with Kim's cousin, and through the years Billy always hoped he would encounter Kim at one of his friend's family gatherings.

Many-faceted March

March 2013 Journal
The 1910 Inn  has had an interesting month of branching out in various tangents.
At the apartments Al is doing great, and it is a pleasure to have Jeannie join the village.  Some of you may have met her already.
Enriching guests keep finding their way to The 1910 Inn.
During mid March when the Tampa Bay Championship golf tournament was held at Innisbrook Golf Resort, PGA golf caddies lived at The 1910 Inn.  John "Cubbie" Burke, Mike "Fluff" Cowan, and Mike "Hicksey" Hicks are such nice gentlemen, and it was a pleasure to entrust the inn to them.

A 'Stranger' Brings A 'Rose' To The Inn

Life is not to be fully understood by us...
The 1910 Inncontinues to draw in bearers of life lessons and profound experiences.
A 'Stranger' called and wanted a specific room at the inn for her friend's visit to Tarpon Springs.  At arrival the delicate 'Stranger' carefully climbed the grand staircase to see the bedroom, and she sweetly smiled her approval.
At breakfast her friend explained it would be a last visit between the dear friends.  The young daughter of the 'Stranger' arrived at the inn during breakfast to take the dear family friend to her mother, and she inquired, "Do you know a Mary?

I found this on

“A Tarpon Springs Delight”Reviewed March 17, 2013NEWThe 1910 Inn
32 W Tarpon Avenue
Tarpon Springs, FL 34689

The beauty of Tarpon Springs is that it is not like Florida.
The beauty of The 1910 Inn, is that it is not like Florida.
Let me warn you about Annie. She will melt you as a welcome delight into this historic home. A home which she walked past as a girl, a home she always wanted to own, and now she does and she so loves this place and her guests. A Greek hug, a huge ear to ear grin is her welcome.
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