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The 1910 Inn

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An Industrious Summer

Posted on August 6, 2013 at 5:50 PM
June and July 2013 Journal
Oh, how I love this ‘old house’!  What I really mean is that I love the people that arrive, the experiences that are shared, and the love that fills and surrounds this 103-year-old Grand Victorian Lady.
The summer months at The 1910 Inn have been busy and fun.
Renovations began on a few specific areas of the structure that have been in need of help for decades.  A new/old door will replace the old/old door at the inn’s veranda carport entrance. The door has been chosen and is being prepared for an August installation.  Remember the veranda ceiling?!  If you have seen it…oh…my…you remember it!  
Yes, it has been labor-intensive, and the summer rains have slowed down the progress, but Gus and his amazing crew from Gulf States Industries have carefully restored the ‘tongue and groove’ veranda ceiling back to its original glory.  This ceiling is not typical, because the veranda is not typical.  The veranda is a semi-circle of curved shade.  10 feet by 80 feet follow along the exterior of the ‘round room’ of The 1910 Inn.  Beams extend from the house, and each piece of ‘tongue and groove’ that spans from one beam to another is a different length.  HUNDREDS!  Hundreds of narrow pieces of southern pine have been cut to fit exactly into the Victorian puzzle!
The completed veranda is beautiful, even though it still needs some sanding and painting.  It may occasionally be overlooked by some, as they sip a cool beverage and gently rock their cares away in a vintage rocking chair, but some will glance upwards and know that the veranda ceiling is somewhat amazing.  Skilled artisans created it more than a century ago.  And skilled artisans of a new millennium revitalized it back to its original beauty.  How fascinating it would be (if it were possible) to have the artisans of 1910 meet the artisans of 2013.  I believe they shared and share the same love for their craft and the same pride in their work ethic.
Guests…oh so sweet guests.  They find their way to The 1910 Inn.  They share an interesting appreciation…they see the beauty in this ‘old house’.  They prefer the comforts of a home and the peaceful tranquility that The 1910 Inn provides to them.
Blueberry Jerry (honest, that is his name on his business card!) and his wife cherished that tranquility after the busiest blueberry harvest they have ever experienced during their 22 years of being blueberry farmers.
Allan from Virginia was delighted to find The 1910 Inn for his dear Wendy.
Sarla and Ronald cherished their many days’ stay in our Tarpon Springs, which is truly reminiscent of the Greek islands.
In late June and early July Annie The Innkeeper went on a vacation with her family.  It is beneficial and educational for an innkeeper to experience hotels, motels, and apartments from the perspective of a guest, and Annie returned to her beloved inn quite energized.
Guests Doug and Roxanne are amazing photographers.  See their facebook page and its July 14 and 15, 2013  photos of The 1910 Inn and Tarpon Springs.
They captured the beauty of the inn’s parlor, breakfast, and side garden.   Oh, you will love their Tarpon Springs photos!  One of my favorites is entitled, A Glorious Church.  Majestic, powerful, lonely.
The arrival of Cathy and Lamont has brought smiles and classical music to the  apartments.  It is wonderful to have them join the inn’s family! 
Return Guests!  The sequence of return guests has begun, and it truly confirms that we all feel like ‘family’ here at The 1910 Inn.  Inn guests become friends and stay in touch with each other.  Coincidentally, Sarla returned to the inn with her family during the same time that Wendy returned.  They are friends for sure, now. 
Oh, I must mention “The Day of the Three Wendys”.  One day Guest Wendy, Bride-To-Be Wendy (October wedding at The 1910 Inn), and Apartment Tenant Wendy all arrived at the inn at the same time.  What are the odds of that!!
Guest  Jim from Orlando returned for some church business.
A new inn friend, Phyllis, came to tour the inn one morning.  Imagine my surprise to see dear friend, Jake, with her.  Phyllis is Jake’s grandmother.  I have known and loved Jake for years.
Inn guests enjoyed a July Wine Walk.  The 1910 Inn was a host destination for the wine-tasting event.  Also, the inn guests became ‘Greek for a night’ at Night In The Islands at the Sponge Docks.  (Greek) Music, (Greek) food, (Greek) dessert, and (Greek) wine…A bit of heaven on earth!
Oh-so-sweet, peaceful, and darling!  The new-and-improved Side Garden!
A very hard-working young man, Michael, transformed the garden retreat from a faded and parched terrain to a lush haven of natural succulents and cushioned cedar-red mulch.  The mulch complements the vintage brick foundation of the inn and the brick floor that lies beneath vintage black wrought iron dining tables and chairs.
Butterflies feast on sweet purple flowers.  Arni (say that with a Greek accent and rolling the “r”; here is some trivia: ‘arni’ means ‘lamb’ in Greek), the wrought iron lamb, is nestled between the purple wicker chairs.  The plumeria tree, a gift from friend Agnes, has taken root and will bloom yellow flowers in future years.  The lime tree finally seems to be thriving, ever since Yiayia Sylvia came to its rescue during June.  Below the lime tree a sweet little mermaid statue, a gift from Guest Wendy, sunbathes upon a vintage brick.  Michael has relocated the potted herb garden to various locations in the Side Garden, so the individuality of each herb plant is now discernable.  Mary’s clay pots, adorned with the words “Peace”, “Love”, and “Joy”, bring a smile to my face each time I glance out the kitchen window.
Rain or shine the Side Garden is adorable!
So the summer at The 1910 Inn has been quite productive…and this is good, because the fall and winter months are bringing:
Bridal showers, a 50 Anniversary Party, a Wedding, and a Masquerade Party
Thank you for reading The 1910 Inn’s summer 2013 update.   Life at the inn is a step back in time.

Be well, dear friends.

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