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The 1910 Inn

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May of Miraculous Blooms, Mia, Magister, and Maintenance

Posted on June 3, 2013 at 3:23 AM
May 2013 Journal

An afternoon of still-warm-from-the-oven BAKLAVA shared with wonderful new friends!  That is one of the highlights of May at The 1910 Inn, in Tarpon Springs, Florida.  I reflect back at the end of each month and I am always in awe of the succession of wonderful guests who are drawn to the inn.  Really it seems odd to call them guests, because they begin to feel like family.  They are strangers to each other, but not for long.  They visit together in the rocking chairs on the front veranda, playing a game they invented: “Wave At The Passing Cars And See How Many Drivers Wave Back”.  They talk and laugh together at the breakfast table, and you would believe they have been friends for years. I sincerely mean it when I tell them that I do not forget any of them when they leave.  I like them.  They are ‘friends of the inn’, and I miss them when they leave.
There was a “Jason Weekend”, when guest Jason performed “surgery” on a vacuum cleaner, met Bill and Chris in Clearwater to retrieve an inn key, and became Omelet Chef Extraordinaire on the third morning of his stay at the inn.
Earl Gray…he’s back at The 1910 Inn!  Well, actually, his TEA is back at the inn.  It was so very wonderful to get to know Sadie during her anniversary weekend.  She would have enjoyed meeting February guest, “Geoff with a G”.  Both love Earl Gray tea. 
Mia stays at the inn almost weekly, as she continues her research and filming for a documentary she and WLRN/Miami are creating in our area.  It was a nice surprise to meet her mother, Anita, during Mia’s last visit.  Oh, and I must mention The Master of Weird!  He has asked me to refer to him as that!  He is also known as Charlie Carlson, the author of Weird Florida.  Thank you, Charlie/The Master of Weird, for the autographed copy of your fascinating book.
Magister…my dear friend of many decades…came to stay at the The 1910 Inn with dear Arthur during the last day of May.  Magister means ‘teacher’ in Latin, and Magister was my Latin teacher more than thirty years ago. These days Magister reminds me that I must now call him Doyle.  What a wonderful visit and dinner we had with Renee, another former student who is still getting used to calling him Doyle.
The Side Garden of The 1910 Inn experienced an “explosion” of cactus flowers during the third and fourth week of May.  This may sound a bit uneventful, or maybe overly-dramatic, but I must mention that this cactus is HUGE and it is ONE HUNDRED YEARS OLD and its infrequent flowers are AS LARGE AS DINNER PLATES and there were NINETY-THREE (93) FLOWERS that bloomed on its peak bloom day!  It was truly a botanical masterpiece.  And breathtaking to behold! (See photos of the blooming century-old cactus on the inn’s facebook page:
Maintenance at the inn:  May has provided some time for a door replacement, a small roof repair, a medium-sized roof repair, and visions of front-lawn landscaping dancing in my head!
Upcoming in June:
The Enrichment Event / a Mom-preneur (Mom Entrepreneur) showcase
The Tarpon Springs Wine Walk on June 15; The 1910 Inn will again be a host destination and a trolley stop. (Pre-purchase your ticket at Tarpon Tavern and at Wine On The Docks)
Upcoming in the summer and fall:
4 weddings at The 1910 Inn.  So romantic!


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