The 1910 Inn - Company Message
The Gazebo 

Truly unique, the century-old 'garage' has been restored to be an outdoor bar,  complete with a wrought-iron "Bed Bar".

The gazebo provides a beautiful setting for your beverages during 
wedding receptions, showers, and parties.

There is ample space for you to set up coolers and beverage tins.

The Bed Bar bannerThe gazebo's vintage chandelier provides nostalgic lighting upon festivities.
Gazebo bar at night with bartender

A wrought-iron headboard creates the 'Bed Bar' at the gazebo.

Libations at the gazebo

The gazebo enables event hosts to create a personalized bar.
Sweet nostalgic touches adorn the entertainment areas.

corrugated garage aqua exterior

Adjacent to the Gazebo and beyond the Garden (which can seat 85 guests) is a spacious and paved area (which can seat 50 guests).  
This versatile space can: accommodate many dining tables and chairs, 
a game area, 
a cigar bar, 
a photo booth, and
a whimsical backdrop for entertaining your party guests.

tree canapy with reception tables 
The charming 
tree canopy 
shelters a space 
that can accommodate 
up to 8 additional 
round dining tables (to seat up to 64 guests).
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